Thursday, February 16, 2012

{Win a $100 IKEA Gift Card}

I remember when the IKEA store opened up in my area a few years back. People were stone cold crazy excited. I even know of friends who took the day off work to celebrate and shop til they dropped. I was one of the calm few who decided to wait until "Christmas @ IKEA" was over to make my first visit.
(yes friends, I can restrain myself every so often!)
I instantly fell in love with how huge the store was and walked it's different levels of home yumminess. There isn't much you can't find at IKEA,(even a free breakfast). 
If you are a fan of clean lines, great prices and some do it yourself furniture building, IKEA is the store for you.
I have purchased everything at IKEA from bedroom furniture, living room bookcases, kitchen textiles, to artwork. It wasn't until recently that I realized that IKEA and I "broke up". 
Sad but true. It's been far too long since I've visited this store and perused it's never ending aisles of home decor love.
Has it been awhile since you have had IKEA on the brain as well?
 What could get your little fannies back into this store pronto?
How about a free $100 IKEA gift card?

Hurry, the contest ends on February 28th, so jump on it!
(No, I'm not referring to the Sugar Hill Gang smash hit of the 80's, however I do love this song!)

WIN A $100 IKEA Gift Card

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