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~Links ala Mode: Feb 24 & EL Vintage Winner~


The View from Here

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So the time has come for me to pass the baton to the next Links a La Mode curator, but in reflecting on the last few months I'm amazed at the diversity of aesthetics, lifestyles and opinions I've discovered gathering these links each month. It's a great view from here in the blogosphere: whether it's up close at Fashion Week from the comfort of your chair) a new take on what you see in the mirror, or a peephole into the world of stylish women from Scotland to Spain (and everywhere in between).
But Links a la Mode is also about putting yourself on view! If you're reading this and you publish a blog, why not bookmark the link to submit your Links a La Mode posts here and make a repeating event on your calendar to drop by each Tuesday of the week with your latest and greatest post? I'll see you there...

Links à la Mode: February 24th

Links à la Mode brought to you by:

I was so very touched that my weight loss success story was chosen by the Independent Fashion Bloggers as one of the 20 best links of the week!! I'm in excellent company with so many rocking posts, and feel this weeks links are some of the very best!! Make sure you stop by the other featured posts and spread some Statements in Fashion Love:)
In light of me telling my journey, I have created a weight loss blogger group for anyone who is interested in getting a little extra support. We all need a little help now and again, and losing weight with supportive friends is a super fab idea if you ask me!! 
I know being accountable to someone other than the scale was a HUGE help to me:)
The group will have weekly weigh ins on Mondays, and will share eating plans, exercise tips, etc. throughout the week.
Please feel free to join us @: 

And the winner of the EL Vintage fab blouse is.......

Stephanie @ The-Loudmouth!!
Get yourself in here & claim your prize :)
Thank you to all who entered!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

~ Friend Friday: Blog Nominations Baby! ~

Is everyone familiar with Friend Friday and Katy over at Modly Chic?
Katy put together this awesome Google Group of bloggers who wanted to get to know each other and focus on topics/questions pertaining to the fashion industry, blogging world etc.
All participants post the questions previously discussed in that week to their blogs on Friday, and everyone links up over at Modly Chic
If you would like more information on how to be a member of the awesome Friend Friday group,
please contact Katy @

I'm really excited about this weeks questions to the group because we get to nominate fellow bloggers for Blog Awards!!! How cool is that?? It's very cool.....and very hard to only pick ten of my favorites from each of the categories.

FBFF Questions for 2.25 - Blog Awards
Members of the FBFF group will nominate one blogger for each of the
categories below and explain why we nominated them. 
  The top five bloggers will be named in each category.
Those finalists will then be opened up to a public vote over a couple
weeks. So this post launches the FBFF Blog Awards.)


  1. Creative Juices - most creative 
Suze @ Miss Vinyl Ahoy 
When it comes to being creative with clothing, my first thought was Suze. This lady knows her colors and patterns, and make no mistake.....she's not afraid to use them!!
A creative genius indeed! 

 2. The Real Deal - authenticity 
Kimberly @ Fashion Momma 
Kimberly is by far, the "real deal". She's caring, loveable & daring! Kudos to Kimberly for recently posting a YouTube video of herself singing....gorgeous voice if I must say so myself!! She is a friend, a shoulder, an ear........
Kimberly is authentic, through and through:)

 3. Spark Notes - most helpful 
 Vahni @ Grit & Glamour
Hands down, this multi-talented friend of mine gets my vote. "V" is your "go to" source for any and all blog related news & tips! She's always there, ready and willing to lend a helping hand to everyone:)

4. Newbie - best blogger less than a year old 
Jodi @ Day2Day Wear 
I adore Jodi. Her blog has come so far in less than a year!! She has a gorgeous style, fab outfits and I've enjoyed watching her blog evolve right before my eyes. 

 5. Can You Hear Me Now - most connected 
Bella @ The Citizen Rosebud 
She's super close to all her readers and is a super fly Tweeter! 
Bella goes out of her way to form new relationships with her readers through her fab blog features.

 6. If I had a Hammer - best DIY 
Natasha @ Required to Be Inspired 
 Natasha is definitely a talented DIY blogger. She's amazing at brainstorming clothing pieces as well as accessories!

7. Tribe Leader - blogger who leads others and brings bloggers
Katy @ Modly Chic 
Katy is the queen of bringing bloggers together!! She is the mastermind behind the FBFF Group as well as Monday Blogger Profiles. A tribe leader indeed:) 

8. Practically Perfect - most fashionable 
Folake @ Style Pantry 
Can we say MAD STYLE? Folake has it in the bag....this woman marches to the beat of her own drum!! Love her looks:)

9. Paint by Numbers - best beauty blogger 
Keiko @ Keiko Lynn 
Not only is Keiko gorgeous beyond belief, she has the BEST makeup tutorials on Mondays!! Just look at these  fab eyes.....:)

 10. Renaissance Woman - best all around blogger, fashion, beauty,
Anna Jane @ See Jane 
SO happy to nominate one of my daily reads for this category!! Anna Jane is chock full of fab fashion, awesome photos, DIY ideas and recipes!! 
Anna Jane was recently chosen as a finalist in the Refinery 29 Blogger contest!! Way to go girl!! Keep up the great work!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Fashion Proto Fashion Event Photos!!~

I know I'm a little slow when it comes to posting photos from events I attend. If anyone has any idea how to add a few extra hours to each day, please feel free to send me an email, I'd love to be in the "know".

I recently attended a really fun fashion show modeling for Lesley Anne Designs. The event took place in Lansing, Michigan and was held in the really cool studio of Designer Rebecca Clark. Lesley Anne Designs was one of only three designers invited to show at the event, and I was more than proud to model for her. If you haven't had a chance to check out her fun, whimsy dresses, please feel free to visit her website @Lezley Anne
as well as her Etsy shop @Lesley Anne Designs
I love you Leslie......I indeed do:)

The evening was spent mingling with fashion designers, buyers, photographers and gorgeous models!! We chatted over hors d'oeurves and sipped wine as we gazed at some of the fantastic fashion pieces that were seen all throughout the studio.
It was a fabulous evening and one I was excited to be a part of.

That's me wearing Leslie's "The Skinny Man Dress"

Leslie's "Detroit Sky Line Dress"

Seriously, how CUTE is this Leslie Polka Dot Dress? Love it!!

Myself, Brian Heath (America's Next Top Model Photographer), Model Karen

Bridal Designer Ariel Jennifer Taub
This woman is THE MOST incredible Bridal gown designer I have ever seen!! She has her own home based business, and designs each dress from scratch!! In addition to bridal dresses, she also designs Homecoming gowns and bridal headpieces. Be sure to check out her website to see some of the most gorgeous bridal gowns on earth!! She may be tiny, but shes huge when in comes to inspiration:)

David Austin (Leslie's Husband), Myself & Model Karen

Designers Rebecca Clark & Shermane Fouche 
Rebecca Clark, owner of Michigan Fashion Proto, has over 12 years of New York fashion industry experience and was design director and the leading design force behind lines such as Simply Vera Vera Wang, V Vera Wang, Logo for Lori Goldstein, Daisy Fuentes, Metro 7 and more.
Shermane Fouche has recently returned from 13 years working in the fashion industry in Paris, France. Her expertise is in patternmaking, draping and couture garment making, having worked for John Galliano, Tierry Mugler, Elton John and many more.
Be sure to check out the Fashion Proto Website to learn more about this fantastic duo!!

Myself, Designer Leslie Austin & Makeup Artist Angela Noble

Statements in Fashion Intern, Nemanja Filipovic & Photographer Brian Heath

Designer Rebecca Clark, Mayor of Lansing Michigan, Virg Bernero, Designer Leslie Austin, & Myself

Model Karen, Myself & Designer Leslie Austin

Model Karen, Model ? (sorry I don't recall your name), Designer Leslie Austin & Myself

Designer Leslie Austin and David Austin

The Michigan shaped bruschetta with a Lansing star were just the cutest!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~ #16/30, Weight Loss Group & Featured Interview ~

Today is February 30x30 outfit post is #16...see a problem here?
Usually my name is you can call me SLACKER.
 Please continue to follow me as I fall further and further behind, it should be quite a show:(

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging words on my weight loss success story post. I have been receiving hundreds of emails and each and every one has totally touched my heart!! I applaud anyone who is currently trying to lose weight, or has shared their success stories with me.
In light of me telling my journey, I have created a weight loss blogger group for anyone who is interested in getting a little extra support. We all need a little help now and again, and losing weight with supportive friends is a super fab idea if you ask me!! 
I know being accountable to someone other than the scale was a HUGE help to me:)
The group will have weekly weigh ins on Mondays, and will share eating plans, exercise tips, etc. throughout the week.
Please feel free to join us @: 
Outfit Details:
Dress, Hoodie, Shoes, Knee High Socks, & Jewelry @ Forever 21
Tights @ We Love Colors
*sometimes, it's all about the statement necklace*


On another sweet note, I'm happy to announce that I am being featured today over at The Citizens Rosebud.
Thank you so much sweet Bella for featuring me, and sharing me with your readers.
It was so much fun to do:)
Make sure you stop on over and spread some SIF love to Bella!

~ Twitter Tuesday: Tales from the Sidewalk ~

Twitter Tuesday is Here:)
 Each Tuesday, I will be showcasing one of my Twitter friends on my blog!
I've been so fortunate to have met some really incredible and talented people since I began blogging. 
Twitter Tuesday is a fabulous way to meet new bloggers and visit some amazing new blog sites. 
If you would like a chance to be featured on Twitter Tuesday, it's easy......
Just click on the "Twitter" button in my right sidebar, and we will be instantly connected as Twitter friends.  Let's chat and get to know each other:)
I have some really great "Tweet Buddies" and can't wait to meet more! 
My friends are your friends :) 

February 22nd. 2011
Twitter Tuesday, brought to you by:
 I remember JoAnn's blog being one of the first blogs I ever visited and bookmarked. I loved her sincere style of writing, the sweetness that is about her, and of course her fabulous photos!! Her fashion style is straight out of another era and I was instantly hooked!! She has such a great, close relationship with all of her readers and I'm so proud to call myself one of them. Visit her blog, and you too, will be adding her to your daily reading list.
Love you JoAnn!!

JoAnn currently lives in Athens, GA and has been blogging at Sidewalk Chic for about a year and a half.
   She loves the colors red and green and her fashion icon is Ingrid Bergman.
"I really would like her entire wardrobe from Casablanca."
  JoAnn's favorite time of day is early in the day -- the best time to get a lot of things done.
Her favorite way to relax would include Coke Zero, listening to her Pandora radio stations, going to the movies and then spending some time at trivia with her friends.

Let's learn more about my super sweet Twitter Tuesday Buddy!!

What was your initial goal for your blog when you first began, and how has that changed today?
My sister and I started the blog together and named it Sidewalk Chalk, and it was a way for us to share our fashion and childhood favorites. When she left the blog, it came under my sole discretion, and I started to focus on my own photography. I renamed it Sidewalk Chic to reflect the new change in direction.

Describe your style
I'm really drawn to a lot of vintage and romantic-looking pieces -- so if it's got ruffles, florals or an interesting pattern, I'm probably into it.

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from? 
JoAnn: So many places -- I most often take my photos outside in different landscape settings, and so often my outfit will often match the colors from my environment. I also find a lot of inspiration from many different bloggers out there.

How many hours a day/week do you spend working on your blog?
About 20 hours, and most of it is spent driving out to different sites for photos. My tripod is one of my dear companions on these treks. 
Where is your favorite place to shop?
Thrift stores. There's this one Salvation Army near my old home that is a treasure trove of vintage clothing at discount prices. When I feel like shopping for new items, I often go to LOFT or Banana Republic.
What "must haves" will you be adding to your Spring wardrobe?
I don't know that I'll be adding too much to my wardrobe this spring because I think I've reached my tipping point in dress collecting, but I do plan on getting some alterations this spring. I'm looking forward to having my clothes fit me better.
 What is your favorite piece of clothing/jewelry and why?
My favorite item of clothing is my French Connection white lace dress. I found it while I lived in NYC for a summer internship, but didn't have the guts to wear it everyday. A year later, I wore it to my wedding reception. I wear it often now.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers who are just getting started?
With so many voices already in the blog world, one of the hardest  things to do is to just start writing and taking photos. Just get into the practice of writing everyday and you'll get into a stride and find your voice. I've also found that I've gotten more passionate about it by making friends with and learning from people who were interested in style blogging, too. 

If you  have a career besides blogging, what do you do?
JoAnn: I work as a technical writer for an editing service, but I'm hoping to make a career change into advertising/marketing.
Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
I wish I had a crystal ball for that, but I hope I'll be happy.
Thank you so much JoAnn, for allowing me to feature you as my Twitter Tuesday Friend:)

You can find JoAnn at:
~Sidewalk Chic~ (Fashion Blog)
Sidewalk Chic (Twitter account)

*all photos courtesy of JoAnn*


Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ModCloth Giveaway!! My Fav Five Under $50~

I LOVE me some ModCloth...just sayin'!
I'm a online store stalker to be exact...and there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not scouting out all the new fab items that ModCloth graciously torments me with adds to their online store each day. 
I'm making a list and checking it twice....and will be hitting the SEND ORDER button just as soon as the 30x30 shopping ban is lifted. And NO, I'm not Santa, but thanks for asking.

One of my lucky readers will win a $50.00 gift certificate to spend anyway their heart desires in the ModCloth store!! 
Talk about a sweet treat......we are all heart around here:)

The ModCloth giveaway will remain open until Sun, Feb 27th @ Midnight, EST
The giveaway winner will be announced on March 1st, in honor of Mama Kendi and all of us holding true to our oath of the 30x30 shopping ban:)

To enter, please follow the easy rules below:
1. You must be a follower of my blog
2. Extra entry for following me on Twitter
3. Extra entry if you repost this giveaway on your blog (please post link)
5.Extra entry for posting this giveaway on your Twitter account

That's it.....easy peasy baby!!
Good Luck to everyone!!

Yes, $50.00 can still go a LONG way.....Here are my Five under $50 items I would SOOO use the gift certificate on.

OMG...I just about died when I saw these sheer wide leg pants.....strappy sandals and a sexy tank top, here I come:)

What a fun print wouldn't you say? A cute little jean skirt and this blouse would make me smile.

Just because I'm insanely in love with them and they would go with everything!

Summer Barbecues, evening events.....perfection!!!

How adorbs is this necklace?? Love, love it!!