Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Our Christmas Home}

Welcome to my crib, AKA: The House of Osuna. 

Yes ladies & gents, this is where all the magic of fashion blogging takes place. 
Heyyyyy, maybe I should change the name to : The Magical Blogging House of Osuna? 
I'll have to think on that. 

Although this is a fashion blog for Pete's sake, (fyi, I don't even know anyone named Pete) I thought I would give you a little peeksie at a few favorite Christmas decorations that help make  our humble abode, a Holiday Home. Peace.

This sweet snowman stands in a corner of my kitchen, covered in snow, looking all "Christmasey".

What good is a Holiday fireplace without a stuffed snowman standing next to some wood?
Yes, I keep him out of harms way once the fire gets rolling!

My fireplace mantle showcases some of my most beloved Christmas treasures.
This NOEL sign is gold, elegant, and a definite favorite.

Hello cute little stuffed snowman face!! He is a doorknob hanger that lives in my den:)

Ok, I think I need a "snowman intervention". 
This is a super cute, handmade, wood mailbox on top of my granite kitchen counter. 

My gold bowl full of Christmas bulbs.
This is a HUGE bowl I received as a gift, and is displayed on my Pier 1 black kitchen table.
Dwight (our cat) thinks it's a hoot to take out all the balls and roll them around the kitchen floor, hence the lighter straw ball so he can carry it:)

This nativity scene was a handmade gift from my old neighbor Brenda.....miss her!
All of the pieces are ceramic, hand painted & hand glazed.....she's pretty awesome I'd say!

Just one little part of my humongous Christmas village......each piece lights up at night.
We went a little "village crazy" over the past few years and have added trees, ice rinks, etc.

Textured & smooth brown bulbs hang on my entry foyer Christmas tree.
It's a really cool color combo:)

This little guy is just one of my many "kooky" ornaments hung on my "Kitchen Christmas Tree".
Years ago I fell in love with Katherine's Collection ornaments, and have been hooked ever since.
I'm naturally drawn to non traditional things, and these ornaments are anything BUT traditional.

And of course, I could never forget our little furball of love, Dwight.
We adopted him nearly two years ago, and our family falls in love with him more everyday:) 

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