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{Twitter Tuesday: Fashionably Frugal}

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April 26th. 2011
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The first time I arrived at Katie's blog, it was from clicking  through another blogsite. Thank god that happened!!! I was instantly  hooked on her  fashion style! Not only does Katie love patterns and mixes them the way that I do, but she's a fellow Michiganian! We instantly connected, and Fashion Frugality has been one of my daily reads ever since.  (Holla to the pattern mixers babay!!!!)
Visit Katie's blog and give her a shout out....I'm sure you'll think she is super fab too!!!!
Katie currently lives in Mount Clemens, Michigan and has been blogging at Fashion Frugality since September, 2010.
Katie's favorite colors are orange and pink.
Katie doesn't have a fashion icon as she likes to pull inspiration from any source - magazines, blogs, vintage ads, celebrities, etc.
Katies's favorite time of day is Saturday mornings. "They are usually the one morning I always take to sleep in, relax with a cup of coffee and do some blog reading."
Katie's favorite way to relax is thrift shopping, reading and playing with her monster of a cat, Ernie:)

Let's learn more about my super sweet Twitter Tuesday Buddy!!  

What was your initial goal for your blog when you first began, and how has that changed today?
Katie:My goal for my blog, both when I began and now, is showcasing that you can create a stylish look without spending a lot of money. It's not a unique concept, no, but I enjoy showing the looks I create from thrift store purchases. I would say that 99% of my shopping is done at thrift stores. I constantly get asked "in real life" where I purchased something that I was wearing. Time and time again, I would tell the person asking that I bought it at a thrift store. Shock and awe would wash across their face and I would laugh. Yes, you really can find good stuff at thrift stores! Besides that, I like to share other finds on my blog such as good deals from online shops, lists of what I am lusting over and looks for less - taking an expensive item and finding something that is similar but costs much less. Finally, I love to share giveaways on my blog. I've always been very avid about entering giveaways. I love to learn about new brands/products and I have always loved to try before I buy (ok, who doesn't!?) so I find that this is a good way to do this. Plus, giveaways give me the chance to win something I would not be able to afford/buy right now. For example, I have won both a Marc Jacobs bag and a Romy Gold bag. I am thankful for the chance to enter and win items therefore I like to share blog giveaways on my blog.

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from? 
Katie: I can honestly say that I pull fashion inspiration from E V E R Y W H E R E. I've always gotten inspiration from magazines and people out on the street but now that I've become a part of the style blogger culture, I find myself being very influenced by fellow bloggers. I also often just find a particular color or print that I am fond of and create looks centered around that. 

Describe your style
Katie I guess I would have to describe my style as modern vintage and classic with a twist. I stay pretty true to classic ideas but try to spunk them up a bit, if you will. I love to mix vintage pieces with easy modern pieces - a jean jacket, a tshirt or a cardigan. I'm pretty easy going with style. I'm the type of girl that would try anything. Give me a piece of clothing and I will figure out a way to wear it.
How many hours a day/week do you spend working on your blog?
It depends. I try to do at least one post a day from Monday-Friday but it often turns into just a few posts a week. I work a full time job outside my home so I have to spread my time between that and, of course, other normal daily duties. My daily posts usually take me at least an hour, often times longer than that if it is something other than an outfit of the day post.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I love to shop at any and all thrift shores! In my area, I am always hitting up my local Salvation Army, Value World and Sunshine Thrift Stores!

What "must haves" will you be adding to your Spring wardrobe?
Katie: I am adding color, color, color. I think I went through a very neutral and black period in the past year (what with our crazy long winter) but I am SO looking forward to adding some vibrant colors into my wardrobe. I will always be a black and white girl but I am excited to add some vibrancy into that mix. I am also on the lookout for full skirts, neon belts, vintage maxi dresses and the perfect pink dress that I can pair with anything. I think I'm replacing the Little Black Dress with the Little Pink Dress for spring and summer. Anyone with me!?

What is your favorite piece of clothing/jewelry and why?
Oh! This is such a hard one! One of my favorite pieces of clothing (I have too many!) is probably my vintage Lilly Pulitzer pants. I found them years ago at the Goodwill store in Mount Pleasant, MI, when I was attending college at Central Michigan University. They are one of my most cherished thrift store finds. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry (again, I have many!) is a vintage orange bangle bracelet that I inherited from my grandma. I don't remember her ever wearing it nor can I imagine it being something she would have worn in the first place, but it is TOTALLY my style and I love the idea that she loved it at one time too - at least enough to keep for all those years without wear.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers who are just getting started?
Katie: My only piece of advice is stay true to yourself. You don't have to wear the same things as "everyone else" to get readers. Beat to the sound of your own drum and you will not only have a fun time blogging but you will also find your own group of readers that like you just the way you are! Blogging, to me, is about having fun and sharing ideas, not trying to compete with everyone else or doing the same thing as everyone else.

If you  have a career besides blogging, what do you do?
Katie: I have worked in the legal field since I was 16, believe it or not. I've always worked in a professional office setting so my daily outfits are typically office appropriate. I would definitely say that I push the dress code more than most but I've never heard any complaints!

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
That is so hard to say! I would like to go back to school eventually so I would absolutely like to be back to that by this time. I'm still toying with the idea of "what I want to be when I grow up" so I've resisted getting back into school due to that. Besides that, I hope to be getting married to my boyfriend by that time. We've already been together for over nine years! Plus, I would love to spend my engagement period sharing frugal wedding style ideas on my blog! ... I may or may not have already done a little pre-planning! :)

Thank you so much Katie, for allowing me to feature you as my Twitter Tuesday Friend:)

You can find Katie at:
~Fashion Frugality~ (Fashion Blog)
~Fash Frugality~ (Twitter account)

*all photos courtesy of Katie*


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