Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Memo to Spring}

April 6, 2011

Dear Spring,
It has come to my attention, that despite the date on the calendar, you refuse to "show up to the party".
Please accept this memo as your open invitation to arrive as soon as possible.
I know as a resident of Michigan, I have accepted some pretty stiff weather terms and are usually just complaining under my breath. No More!
Not only was it STILL freezing this morning, the nasty rain you have bestowed upon me and my fellow Michiganians, has caused me to re-appear on my front porch for outfit photos despite me having a new ROCKING camera remote. (Looking less than thrilled if I may add)
Please reply with your ETA pronto, as my feet are numb from wearing these sandals!
That's all.

Yours Truly in Michigan,
All outfits pieces @ Love Culture
Shoes @ Nine West

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