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{Twitter Tuesday:Dwelling & Telling}

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March 15th. 2011
Twitter Tuesday, brought to you by:
Linley is the ever so sweet and stylish owner of one of my newest favorite blogs, Dwelling & Telling. Linley has super cute, ready to wear style, posts awesome photos, and is always up to something new on her blog!! Her readers absolutely adore her.....stop by and you will see why after reading just one post, I do too:)

Linley currently lives in Alabama and has been blogging at Dwelling & Telling for about seven months.
Linley loves the colors green and blue. Especially jewel-toned greens and blues. When it comes to clothes, she loves mixing neutrals, both typical and colorful. 
Linley has never had a favorite icon per se, however, she does love Zooey Deschanel, Lauren Conrad, and Olivia Palermo's style.
Linley's favorite time of day is early morning time.  " I'm not always up for it, but it's such a calm and peaceful time of the day. Everyone is either still sleeping or just waking up. Everything is still and the air is crisp and cool. It's a great time of day to think and plan. I also love the late afternoon when the sun is setting and the earth is orange. "
Her favorite way to relax: " Guilty pleasure right here - I love just letting go on the couch. Getting into my pj's, grabbing a snack, and indulging in horrible, trashy reality television. No thinking involved. "

Let's learn more about my super sweet Twitter Tuesday Buddy!!

What was your initial goal for your blog when you first began, and how has that changed today?
Linley: I initially began D&T as a way to share my new life - that is married and in a completely new state. I wanted a place for my family and friends (in places like Georgia, NC, Maine, and Kentucky) to be able to keep up with us. I wanted to share recipes I cook, DIYs completed for decorating our place, and all of our adventures as newlyweds. It is still all those things, but additionally it has become a place where I share my personal style - including fashion and beauty. I'm so happy I have one place to share everything about me and all things I love!

Describe your style
Linley: In a nutshell, my style is eclectic. If I like it, I wear it - it doesn't matter what era or genre the style or look came from. I love and appreciate so many different looks. So instead of sticking with one, I like to wear them all. I also dress how I feel - so that has a large influence of what I put on each morning. I also try not to follow too many rules. If I have an idea for a look, I try it on. If it looks weird, I tweak it. I play around with many clothes and accessories and that's my style!

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from? 
Linley: Any and everywhere! I follow several fashion/style blogs, I purchase style magazines, I pay attention when I'm out at store (whether it be  styled manikins or women out and about), I look at some of my favorite clothing line's websites and lookbooks (J Crew, Gap, Banana), and I use Google Images. Have you ever looked through GI? It is an amazing place to look for inspiration. I often type in a piece of clothing I want to wear (e.g., jean shorts or chambray top) and looks from all over the Internet are in one place offering you TONS of inspiration. Give it a try!
How many hours a day/week do you spend working on your blog?
Too many! I don't know an exact number, but when you add in taking photos, editing photos, making videos, writing posts, and so on... the hours really add up. 

Where is your favorite place to shop?
In reality, many of my clothes come from Target. They always have the cutest things, they're well made, and priced reasonably. What could be better? If I had a never-ending clothing budget, it would be J Crew. I love pretty much everything they put out. They can do no wrong in my book. I would be a happy woman to only shop at J Crew. I also love Gap and Banana. Urban Outfitters, F21, and H&M also have great pieces. Oh, how I love clothes!

What "must haves" will you be adding to your Spring wardrobe?
Linley: I am on the HUNT for the perfect pair of white skinny jeans! I have wanted a pair for a while now and I will find them! I'm also on the hunt for some versatile shorts, skirts, and dresses. And flat, cognac oxfords.

What is your favorite piece of clothing/jewelry and why?
My favorite piece of clothing is my skinny jeans! They get more wear than any other thing (ever) in my closet. They are flattering and can be worn throughout the whole year. They can be tucked into boots in the fall and  winter, worn with loafers in the Spring, and rolled up with sandals in the summer! I looooove any and all skinny jeans! As far as jewelry - I love a statement necklace. A bold colored beaded one or layers of chains or pearls. 

Do you have any advice for new bloggers who are just getting started?
Linley: Be yourself and do what you want to do with your blog. You started your blog because there's a part of you that you want to share with the world (whether is be your style, point of view, or special talents - like cooking or making things). Stick with it and you'll be great! If you want to be social with other bloggers and be active in the community join groups and sites, participate in events, and comment! comment! comment! 

If you  have a career besides blogging, what do you do?
Linley: I graduated with my M.S. in speech-language pathology - so I'm a speech language pathologist. This means I can work with babies, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Anyone with a speech, language, cognitive, voice, fluency, or swallowing disorder - I can work with them. We work in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, and private practices. It's an extremely wide field - and I love it! I'm currently not working right now, but I am on the hunt for a job! If I could do anything though, I'd definitely like to be involved in the fashion industry. I guess it would be pretty hard doing that in the middle of Alabama, but a girl can dream, right? I think it would be SO much fun to be a stylist. Oh how lovely that would be!

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
Ah, good question! I honestly have no idea! I don't even know where I see myself in two months. I'm definitely a free-spirited kinda gal. I do plan and prepare for upcoming events, but I also like taking one day at a time - does that even make sense? Back to the question... in two years I hope to still be running D&T. I don't know what it will be, but hopefully it will still be up an running.
Thank you so much Linley, for allowing me to feature you as my Twitter Tuesday Friend:)

You can find Linley at:
~Dwelling & Telling~ (Fashion Blog)
~Hush That Fuss~ (Twitter account)

*all photos courtesy of Linley*

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