Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~ Lulus Giveaway........Shoe Envy ~

How many times a day would you say that you are browsing the internet and come across an item you wish you could share with every single friend you could ever possibly have???
Ummmm, I'd have to say personally, about 150 times a day.
I am currently going to turn myself in as a "shoe coveter"
Seriously...I am so obsessed with shoes, boots, booties, flats...I have NO idea what has come over me!! Maybe it's this cold Michigan weather, maybe it's just me finally admitting I have a problem.
My name is Collette.....and I am obsessed with shoes.
Ahhh, I feel sooo much better now!
Who doesn't like to leave a store feeling like you are the "deal queen" of the day?
You know the feeling.....scoring a perfect pair of shoes at or below cost? Well, if you are like me, less isn't always more.......MORE is always more, lol.
I have been spending wayyyy too much time at the Lulus website stalking all of their fabulous shoes & boots.
Which brings me to a giveaway you are going to LOVE!
 One of my lucky readers is going to win a $25 giftcard to Lulus to spend any which way they want. Yes, that includes shoes:)
On to the giveaway!! 
The Lulus giveaway will remain open until Wed, Jan 19th @ Midnight, EST

To enter, please follow the easy rules below:
1. You must be a follower of my blog
  2. Extra entry for following me on Twitter
3. Extra entry if you repost this giveaway on your blog (please post link)
4.Extra entry for posting this giveaway on your Twitter account
Here are some of the shoes at Lulus that I'm currently stalking!!
These little babies with ankle socks.....SOOO awesome!!

 These flats with skinny jeans and a scarf that POPS:)

Two tone wedges scream rolled up faded denim jeans and a chambray shirt.

Name an outfit you WOULDN'T wear with these.....LOVE them!!

I could so see these being paired with a floral skirt and tied striped shirt and some rockin red tights!

Maxi skirt/ the Max:)

Talk to Me........
I wanted to let my readers know that I have decided to switch  my blog comment form over to Disqus.
I've heard RAVE reviews about Disqus and really was attracted to all the unique features it offers.
There are so many times I miss comments that are left in threads that I really want to answer or discuss with my readers.
This comment form allows me to reply to comments/questions directly IN the thread. How cool is that?
I thought it would be a great way to keep the conversation going on my blog, as well as answer some questions others may have wanted to ask as well.
You do not need to register for Disqus, it will store your contact information from the first time you use it.
Please let me know if you have any questions or trouble using the form.
I think you will love it as well!!

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